Best Daryl Dixon Action Figures

Because Zombies Hate Him!

daryl dixon action figure

The famous Daryl Dixon is one of the main characters of the AMC TV serial, the walking dead. Daryl plays the lead role within this zombie series. He is the main protagonist and one of the survivors of the zombie apocalypse. This action packed character of this zombie outbreak series is played by actor Norman Reedus who is also well-known as an artist, photographer, a sculptor as well as a writer cum director.

The fictional character of Daryl Dixon is created to be a hunter and a proficient tracker who lives along with his brother Merle.Daryl is an expert with his Horton crossbow and presented some extreme shots within the series. Besides the crossbow, he is also efficient with various fire-arms and his knife.

daryl dixonThough Daryl was short-tempered like his brother, but his unique survival techniques marked his place within the group and built tolerance for him among the other member of the group.

Their mother was burnt to death by a fire which caught up accidentally from her cigarette while being drunk.Later their father used to abuse both of them. Merle left home but remained unknown to the fact that their father has been abusing Daryl, who was left alone. Daryl brought up himself in the tough way and by sharpening his survival techniques.

His tolerance broke as soon as his brother Merle went missing and thus leaving Daryl furious.With a group of four men along with Rick, the one for whom Daryl worked for, went in search for the building where Rick handcuffed Merle. On reaching there, Daryl could find only a hacksaw and the hand of Merle within the handcuff. Slowly after this incident, Daryl replaced Shane, the right hand of Rick as he proved himself more and better than Shane.

Daryl’s popularity even led game developers to come up with a social game based on this action figure. Further, a Facebook game is still in beta version and soon this game will be available as a Facebook application.

The Daryl Dixon action figure looks exactly same like the real figure and is due to the 3D scan taken from Norman Reedus himself. The action figure comes equipped with a crossbow, a hunting knife, fire axe etc. His tools speak out the fact that he is the perfect zombie hunter.

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Following the huge popularity among major section of audiences, the figure will be a great success among young people to play with. Additionally, the look alike feature of the action figure to that of the original character will prove to be an advantage and will also help them to relate to the exact Daryl Dixon like in the AMC TV series.

Getting a fun packed and full trooped and loaded Daryl Dixon for the younger people is sure to bring a smile upon their face. With a Daryl Dixon action figure within their hand they will really find it exciting to replicate the moves and shots Daryl does within the TV series.